Mobile Application Development

For proper mobile application development, we must begin with an assessment of our client goals. Every business needs to apply their app for a specific end use for their customer. Our mobile application team carefully plans what features and functionality to integrate into your application. Once the scope and purpose of the application has been developed, our mobile designers go to work using years of experience to create the application platform for Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Window Mobile, and tablet PCs.

An Extension of Your Website

Genesis Web Designs applications revolve around high resolution, ease of use and an innovative user experience. Whether your application is for ecommerce, informational, productivity, or gaming, we develop high quality apps designed to engage your customers and build your mobile brand. Genesis Web Designs is a leader in Apple iPhone, Android, and Blackberry application development.

As competition continues to grow in the app market it is becoming more important to develop an extension of your current site as an application. With millions of applications and the global market moving towards smart phones and tablet pc’s, businesses are finding it necessary to compete both online and in the mobile app market. Genesis Web Designs can develop an application around your existing website allowing you to take advantage of all potential customers.

In addition to developing a high quality application, we understand that without successful application marketing it cannot be a complete success. Let us use our experience in application marketing and development to reach your full customer base and grow your business.