You Are Not A One-Size Fits All Company

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Genesis Web Designs does not believe you site should be a clone of other ecommerce stores. In today’s market we see to may "one stop ecommerce website design"" companies offering their own personalized software. The deals sound great at we see a large volume of calls from customers that realized a little too late they were being setup for failure. Beware ecommerce companies that:

These are key give a ways you are being conned into higher rates once you have committed, and in the end you will not own your own website.

Genesis Web Designs ecommerce websites are fully owned by our clients and backed up on a daily basis. It is our belief that if you paid for it, it belongs to you. We would love to speak with you on any questions you may have. Feel free to contact Genesis Web Designs at 866-642-7164 or email us at

Successful Ecommerce Websites

Genesis Web Designs is often asked “What is the best way to create a successful ecommerce website”. The best answer to this question to the have a clear cut plan for your online business. This can be achieved by:

  • Setting clear goals for all site pages: Every page of an ecommerce website should have a clean goal in mind. This will help your website entice customers to proceed through the site or direct them quickly to the products and services they require. Once a product or service has been selected, the new goal becomes providing a customer will all information necessary to make a purchase decision. In a checkout situation the final goal is to provide a fast, safe, and secure checkout method. Too many checkout pages often cause customers to abandon purchases due to frustration.
  • Getting Customers to Remember and Return. Genesis Web Designs looks for ways to get customers to regularly return to your store. Sometimes this can be achieved through emails updates, product notifications, and built in ecommerce newsletters. However most of the time customers are looking for a clean, simple, and easy to use system answering product questions and providing a fast checkout. Our ecommerce website designs allow for more integrated features than any other competitor keeping your customers coming back again and again.
  • Allowing Customers to Easily Contact You. It is always best if customers in need of faster answers to questions and issues have an easy way to contact you. Always make sure contact pages are easily accessible from every page of the site. Integrated Live Chat is also a great solution.
  • Remember Your Competitors. Most people shop online by visiting a variety of websites and basing their decision on a lot of different reasons including cost, trustworthiness of site, and website aesthetics. Customers will eventually narrow down their choices to one or two sites. Make sure to keep a close eye on your prices and on your shipping charges.
  • Focusing on a Niche Market. Niche markets and online stores focusing on a set product or market traditionally do very well, even outselling Amazon, Ebay, and other giants for their products.
  • Keep a Solid Up-Time. Make sure that your hosting plan is solid and that it can grow as you grow. The last thing you want are customers with cash in hand that can’t pull up your site.
  • Maintain Online Security. You don't like having your credit card information stolen and neither do your customers.